Through a series of specially designed course’s, we’ll introduce you to the latest Connected Home technology providing high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity, wireless & wired Home Automation, centralised audiovisual systems enabling control from any TV location and home security systems that alert owners of a security breach the moment it happens.

We’ve brought over 25 years of experience into the classroom providing you with clear guidelines and tips for successfully connected home project delivery.


You’ll learn professional design skills that will enable you to develop integrated solutions for private and commercial clients. Working with architects M&E drawings you’ll learn how to calculate Z-Wave penetration strength through different materials, plan high-speed data cabling routes, distribute 4K Video over data cabling to any TV location, integrate wireless audio like SONOS into the home and understand how to design an accurate IP CCTV solution.

Your skills will enable you to provide solutions direct to clients and prepare you for the world of business opportunities in this rapidly growing industry.



Our courses include carefully designed lab exercises giving professional hands-on experience for each service layer within the connected home.

Using the latest equipment within each lab, we introduce clear guidelines and tips for installation, integration and programming. We guide you through different installation techniques for data cabling, home automation, intelligent home security and IP Video distribution systems.

These courses are designed to maximise your learning experience and equip you or your company with the right skills to address opportunities in the Connected Home industry.