Connected Home technology can enhance our lifestyle in ways that are practical, beneficial and convenient.

With intelligent home technology, we can help you connect with your home in ways that offer enhanced security, efficient energy consumption, convenience and comfort living at incredibly affordable prices. 

We work very closely with every client ensuring the designs we produce are reliable, easy to use, cost effective and scale well. 

Our solution designs cover  the complete breadth of connected home services offering highspeed Wi-Fi internet access throughout your home, centralised audiovisual systems, wireless home automation and home CCTV and security control.


Key to the success of any project is careful planning and this could never be truer than with connected home projects.

Translating a solution design into something tangible is never easy. That’s why we plan meticulously.

Good clear communications with the projects architects, electricians, heating engineers, plumbers and has been the cornerstone of some of the most successful projects we’ve had the privilege to deliver.    

Our planning team includes the original solution design architect by default making for better more accurate preparation.

If a wall has been sealed and an HDMI cable was supposed to be installed beforehand – well then we’d have a problem at many different levels.

Our experience helps us maintain a sharp outlook on every project – saving time, cost and failure.


Onsite, our team of experienced connected home installation engineers are professionally driven and motivated by only one thing – get it working!!

We’re not your typical 9-5’ers. Getting a service working can often be painstakingly difficult but with a team of dedicated engineers, we get the job done!

Whether you’re a private client or a business, our design service covers an extensive scope of activities starting with a comprehensive site survey right the way through to a fully integrated solution proposal.

We don’t just take note of your requirements, we offer suggestions that help reduce energy consumption, enhance physical security, enable increased levels of convenience and comfort and most of all we consider both quality and cost.